Get high quality Marine Lumber for any project



We specialize in working with contractors from the design, purchasing the material for the job, and installation. Efficiency saves you time and money. We provide piles, treated lumber, cribbing, blocking and custom fabricated angled wedges to fit any size marine job you have.

Marine Lumber Includes:

  • Piers

  • Dry Dock

  • Treated Lumber

  • PILEs

Whatever your treatment specifications are, we have the right treatment for the job. We specialize in Marine grade polyurea coating system. The marine grade Polyurea system is designed to encapsulate treated timber products to prevent preservatives from leaching into the environment and protecting the timber from abrasion and mechanical damage. Polyurea - coating system can be used for encapsulating Creosote, AZCA, ACQ, CCA and other wood treatments for use on timber piling, lumber, and poles.

Polyurea - SGE375-08 contains PTMEG and has been engineered for marine environments and is self-leveling to provide a smooth surface and its longer gel time promotes better adhesion to the timber products. Polyurea - SGE375-08 is used in a variety of marine or non- aquatic applications and has a proven record of durability. Respecting our environment: this video depicts the aquatic growth 5 years after these piles were installed. The polyurea coating on the piles provides a safe environment for the natural habitat.