guardrail products and sign Posts



Rath Industries is one of the largest guardrail wood post, sign post and block manufactures on the West Coast. We specialize in the manufacturing of wood guardrail components. We save you money by buying directly from the mills, manufacturing it, treating it, and housing a large variety of inventory, so when you order, it's on the ground ready to go. There is no middle man, buy direct. 

There are a variety of specifications for the posts and blocks that vary from state to state. Our state of the art equipment allows us to conform to any fabrication specifications needed. The primary specie of guardrail is Southern Yellow Pine; however, we have the ability to manufacture any specie of lumber and any grade in a rough or surfaced (S4S) product. 

The majority of our guardrail is treated with CCA. We have the ability to treat with ACQ, ACZA, Creosote, Pentachlorophenol, and a variety of other specialized treatments. 

Guardrail Post & Blocks

  • 6x8x6’ SYP or DF W-Beam Posts

  • 6x8x6’ SYP or DF Thrie-Beam Posts

  • 8x8x7’ SYP or DF W-Beam Posts

  • 10x10x8’ SYP or DF W-Beam

  • 6x8x14” SYP or DF W-Beam Blocks

  • 6x8x22” SYP or DF Thrie-Beam Blocks

  • 8x8x14” SYP or DF W-Beam Blocks

Sign Post

  • 4x4 from 10’ to 14’

  • 4x6 from 12’ to 20’

  • 6x6 from 18’ to 24’

  • 6x8 from 18’ to 28’